TO BE VEGAN OR NOT TO EAT MEAT? Does that include Turkey?

Turkey is the quintessential Thanksgiving food, the star of the day. But not everyone eats turkey for a variety of reasons. Some people avoid it because of dietary restrictions, like vegetarian or vegan diets. Others simply don’t like the taste of turkey. But for some, turkey is the Thanksgiving food they look forward to the most, it’s what makes Thanksgiving special. Are you on team turkey? If not, what do you eat instead of turkey on Thanksgiving?image

8 thoughts on “TO BE VEGAN OR NOT TO EAT MEAT? Does that include Turkey?

  1. Congratulations on your first post and on feeling healthier. I have recently given up being vegan after much research into health. I too felt amazing once I went vegan, organic and even better grain free. Now I have organic bone broth at least once a week but haven’t yet gone back to meat so Thanksgiving means lots of gratitude for friends, family, health, and happiness… but no turkey. Just a plant based amazing meal!!! Keep it up!!! Enjoying your blog!!!

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