“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Melissa Que

20131223-015509.jpg Fear is a funny thing. It can give us insite not to cross the road when there is oncoming traffic but it also can stop us in our tracks from following our dreams and passions. We live in a fear based world with news and media always in our midst and declaring fear on so many topics. It’s hard not to be worried at times to leave the house in fear that something bad might happen,never mind if we do something new or different. The biggest creator of our own fear based thoughts is our very own Ego! It will stop oneself from almost anything we might be ready to accomplish. The Ego has a way to stop you from taking the plunge into a new endeavor. That voice suddenly inside you that says…..Who do you think you are anyway? You could never do that! Just because so and so…

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