Today Belongs To Love, Let Me Not Fear

Melissa’s Life Coaching Tip Of The Day:
I have been studying a “Course In Miracles” for a few years and love what I have learned from this metaphysical text and workbook. I’m also in a study group with other coaches that teach this as part of our coaching curriculum. In the “Course” it is said that only love truly exists and fear is just an illusion the mind created by our ego. This can subside over time when you have the tools to deal with the ego, but it can never completely go away. Feel the fear, acknowledge it, and think of love instead. Replace it with a positive affirmation, like “I choose love over fear today.” Guaranteed by the time you finish this, the fear will have subsided and all is well. Love is the only thing that is real and fear is just your small unimportant ego talking.


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