Life Coaching Tip Of The Day: When You Don’t Go Within, You Go Without


“When You Don’t Go Within, You Go Without”

This quote really resonates with me. It has been almost 4 years since I delved into the world of meditation. I’m so thankful it has become a part of my daily life and spiritual practice. The word meditation didn’t mean a whole lot to me over four years ago and to be honest, I think I was a bit ignorant as to what it even was. I started on my meditation journey, listening to guided meditation’s and later was guided to learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique. My life has never been the same since! The benefits I receive are truly an amazing experience and a lifelong gift. I can tell you some of the amazing benefits I have experienced. I suffered from extreme anxiety attacks, insomnia and slight depression at times for years and had to succumb to relying on prescription medication for my sleep and anxiety issues. All of which have miraculously become a thing of the past since I started meditating! Guided meditation’s are a great way to start into the world of meditation and anyone can do this. Transcendental meditation is taught only by certified teachers and has been taught to people all over the world and practiced by so many people including Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Gabby Bernstein, Ellen DeGeneres, David Lynch and even the Beatles once learned this easy technique back in the early 1960s. The one thing I can share with you is that it will change your life in so many amazing ways. If you don’t have the time, make the time! You deserve and the world deserves the benefits of meditation and when you don’t go within, you go without.

I’m also in the process of creating my own guided meditation album which will be out soon. Please feel free to add yourself to my list to receive a free guided meditation as they become available and so much more to come soon! Be the first to know when you get on my list today!

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  1. I love the title of this post. What a great reminder. I’m going to be pondering this and embracing it all day today. I do not meditate in a formal sense. I would love your tips for beginning a meditation program that can grow over time. I’m a busy mom with a husband, a business and young children. I am back and forth between this practice and that practice all the time. What is your best tip for getting started? Thanks for this post, and for any tips you have a chance to share.

    1. I totally understand how having a busy life and a family could interfere with having some kind of a meditation practice. I must say the benefits will really outweigh the small amount of time it will take to do this for yourself and for your family. I highly recommend to start with just five minutes in the morning, if there’s a quiet place for you to sit in peace and quiet. If that isn’t an option maybe just keep your eyes closed after you wake up and just stay in bed and do it that way. I also recommend guided meditation so if you do a lot of driving or spend time on public transportation that’s always a great way to start as well. The two people that I listen to for guided meditation’s is Gabby Bernstein, you can find her meditations on YouTube or iTunes and also Paul Santisi has over 100 amazing guided meditations for free on YouTube as well. I will be making some of my own soon but for now I hope that helps you get on a new path of meditation for yourself. Sat Nam!

  2. I have never really delved into meditations yet, but I LOVE Gabby Bernstein. I should really look into it more with all the wonderful benefits!!


  3. I love your quote too; a very powerful truth. I am still dancing around meditation in my life and have not yet made it a daily habit. I use music a lot to ground myself and remind myself to breath, along with yoga. Being a very kinaesthetic person I find it highly beneficial to move my body at the same time. Dealing with stress and anxiety is so much easier when I have a form of meditation in my life on a regular basis and I really needed this reminder. Thank you!!

  4. Everything starts from within. Valuable lesson there. I used to meditate a lot when I was younger, then stopped doing it. This past year I got back into it and now I find myself wondering how I ever got along without it.

  5. This morning was day 603 of meditating and journaling in a row with no breaks, but truthfully, I have been meditating and journaling for decades and they are MUST DO mandatory, life-changing events in my life. I really believe that unless you are plugged into your own truth, and your higher energy, (God, source or whatever word you connect with) you are a ship in a storm with no way to guide you.

  6. I am always amazed at the difference meditation makes in people’s lives! Yay for you! And Yay for Meditation!

    I can most easily find my inner stillness in motion — especially walking or doing the dishes. The body is busy but the mind becomes still.

  7. Gosh! I wouldn’t know where to start I hear myself say – I’m scared if I “shut down” for just a moment my mind would be filled with jobs and tasks for me to do. And yet that’s not quite true – I find peace horse-riding, no notepaper, no pens, no dictaphone, no beeps, no rings, just me and nature. 🙂

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