My New Normal

Good morning!

This is the view from where I am currently living at 5:00am this morning as the sun is rising.


Why did I wake up so early? I have no idea but I feel like I don’t want to miss a beautiful sunrise and I can’t wait to start my day doing what I absolutely love!!!!

This is what working full-time as a coach and entrepreneur looks like for me these days. It’s my new normal! If you had told me even just a year ago that this would be my life… I’m not sure I would have believed you but I knew it was what I desired.

Did I want this to be my life? Hell YES!!

Did I know how I was going to get here? Hell NO!!

What I did Know is that I had a vision for what I wanted my life to look like even if it seemed completely unattainable at the time. I knew what I wanted and what I truly desired for my life and my coaching business.

I knew the coaching program I wanted to take, the coaches I wanted to work with and how much money I wanted to make. I knew who the woman where that I wanted to work with and serve. I set my unrealistic goals and made them become realistic.

I knew I wanted to live and work on this beach and wake up to this sunrise and the ocean waves pounding against the sea wall across the street from me. I knew I wanted to coach my clients from anywhere in the world and do nothing else.

I have never stopped holding that vision for myself and I have taken the necessary action steps to get there one step at a time, taking aligned action and right hand action steps to keep moving forward in the direction that I so desired for my life and business.

Has there been many obstacles that I’ve had to work through and overcome in the last year or two? Absolutely!

Has everything always made sense at the time when things weren’t going my way or the way that I thought it was meant to? HELL NO!

My life has taken many different directions, many different shifts, and it’s looked messy as hell at times and scary as fuck! Did that stop me?

Did any of this truly stop me in the end from doing what I knew I was meant to truly do?
Hell NO!

When you are so totally in alignment with what you know is to be true for you, what you desire and you get so super clear on what it is you truly want for your life it will come to you! I promise!!!

Whether you realize it or not you’re calling it in….

You’re manifesting the deepest desires inside of you and it’s going to come in ways you could never imagine.

Manifesting and mindset are two of the most powerful things that have propelled me to where I am now.

In the next few weeks you are going to hear a lot from me and how I have manifested so many amazing things, clients and situations into my life.

I’m also going to be sharing my own personal stories of tragedy and triumph and I’m going to really open up about my personal journey through the last few years as an entrepreneur, coach and as a spiritual woman.

I’m going to share things that I have had to really struggle with, work through and overcome to get where I am now.

I’m going to share some of my deepest, darkest and most intimate experiences that I have never shared with anyone before now!!

As I speak to more women and more coaches I realize just how important my story of courage and tenacity really is and how my story will help you too.

Combining this with all of my spiritual and intuitive tools not only has been the key to my success but it has been the catalyst to bring me to where I am today.

I want you to know you are not alone on this sometimes very lonely, scary as fuck, messy and sometimes secluded entrepreneurial journey.

If you are feeling called to do something bigger and it feels scary it’s because you must do it.

It’s what you were called to do. Listen to your intuition and keep moving forward.

You can’t stop now.

You came here with these desires and the need to serve others for a reason and it your time to go full in just like I did.

To never give up, never give in and trust that there’s a higher power guiding you if you truly believe and trust in the process.

So stay tuned because I am going to be sharing and serving you in a way that’s going to help you reach your dreams and desires.

I’m going to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to achieve the life and business you love without limits.


XOXO ~Melissa



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