Momentum 6 Week Program



Hello Biz Babes!!

So I’m here sitting poolside in South Beach, Miami just enjoying  the high vibe energy and I’m feeling so much gratitude and joy for everything that I have been blessed with this past year. It’s been a year of miraculous changes and I could never have done it alone without the support from my mentors, coaches and friends. That was last year, the first time I ran the mastermind and I can’t tell you what a wirlwind this year has been for me and my clients but I can tell you that many have been asking when I would do this program again and so the answer  is “I said YES!!!!”


I’ve had a lot of people (both men and women) inquire lately about my private coaching and it got me thinking…..

Up until now I have only worked with women privately, one on one in my coaching programs but for just a short time I’m offering a very special price and program unlike anything I have ever offered!

I want to make this easily accessible for anyone to be able to experience high level coaching and get the support they you truly desire to kick start what you truly desire for the new year and new a decade. Are you wanting to get 2020 to be your best year yet!?

Lets get to it!!

This is a one time offer that includes a unique combination of private and group coaching and a program that you can get into for an amazing super low price!

My 6 week Momentum Program is going to be like nothing I have ever offered before! Until now only my private coaching clients who work with me long term have been able to experience and receive this kind of next level support but for an entire 45 days you will get to work on your goals and get the damn thing done starting NOW with me by your side!

Here’s some of what you’re going to get in my brand new Bombshell BizBabe 30 Day Momentum program: 

  • One 60 minute private coaching call with me to get super clear on your goals for the next 45 days
  • Strategy and a game plan on how to achieve what it is you desire to accomplish during the 45 days
  • Unlimited  daily instant messenger/Voxer app support
  • Private Facebook group where you will also get me supporting you and guiding you on the daily with other likeminded people.
  • Weekly Facebook Live videos and Q & A time with me on topics that you and the group would like or need support on as well.
  • Daily motivation, guidance and accountability during the 6 week program


Plus if that wasn’t enough I’m also offering some never before seen bonuses when you sign up NOW!!!! 

Currently the only way anyone can work with me is privately, one on one in my high level coaching practice which is priced between 5K- 20K or more and my prices are going up in 2018 but you can choose to work with me now for a super low investment.

This will include ongoing private daily support, a private 60 minute coaching call from me and a private FB group for $1111.00 for 45 consecutive days.

 This program with the fast action bonuses and discounted price of $1111.00 is only available for a very limited time so act now! The bonuses and discount are worth over 3K and fast action bonus will end Dec,26th SO GET YOUR DISCOUNT NOW AND CLICK HERE NOW!!


You will learn my personal 21 step manifesting secret process to calling in the money, the man, the ideal clients you desire for your business or anything else you truly desire to have this year!

You will also get all my mindset and money attraction high vibes to inspire you to push through those blocks that are holding you back from being boldly visible on line, make more money now and get highly visible so people can connect with you, get to know you and buy your services, products and programs. You will learn to push through your fears and gain the confidence to think bigger, go bigger, believe in yourself and take action now on the goal you set for yourself.


  •  Welcome pack and questionnaire so I can get to know all about you, your goals and whats currently holding you back in your business
  • Mindset 101 videos for high vibe thinking
  • Money and abundance coaching, visualizations and meditations
  • Daily affirmations, motivation and inspiration sent straight to your inbox or Voxer app for 45 consecutive days
  • Daily journal prompts sent to you personally every morning for 30 consecutive days sent straight to you inbox!
  • Unlimited (less than 24 hour maximum turnaround support on most days) through the Voxer app to ask your most intimate questions in real time and get the support, guidance and accountability as you need it to hit that goal and work through what’s holding you back from achieving it
  • Goal setting and getting organized for the new year
  • Private FB group for this program to have group support and daily mentoring
  • Live weekly Q & A in the private FB group and video tutorials on topics like manifesting powers, raising your money frequency to get what you want in life in a very short amount of time and so much more!
  •  All my insider mindset and manifestation hacks to make things happen with more ease, flow and momentum in your life and biz
  • Insider social media hacks for attracting followers on Instagram and doing Facebook Live videos
  • How to be an influencer on the daily on all your social media platforms and become more visible to your target audience
  • Accountability to get your goals done and take action

The early bird pricing for this program right now is only $1111.00 and this price goes up forever  to $2222.00 very soon!

So get in before the prices goes up and get all these never before seen bonuses while they last! I’m Ready To Join NOW! 


  •  Tutorials for professional flawless photos and videos including my secret makeup tips and photo, selfie, video and other insider hacks that nobody tells you about that are and easy to do right from your iPhone using inexpensive lighting
  • My never before seen video on money mindset and daily abundance affirmations
  • My personal 7 Day Detox Diet to look and feel your best and help you be camera and video ready
  • 1 extra 60 minute private coaching session with me during the 45 day program
  • Never before heard meditation audios that have been created just for this unique program
  •  3 part video series on how to Manifest the money and get whatever you want in life starting NOW!

So if your ready to move into action and get super clear and start making your goals a reality then this is your time to take the next step before 2017 ends and start 2018 off to an action taking start JOIN NOW BY CLICKING HERE!!

Wouldn’t you like to get the ball rolling and be in a position to make 2018 the year you are on your path to success?

Wouldn’t you like to have your biz goals in place and accomplish what you have been procrastinating for far too long?

Wouldn’t you like unlimited support and guidance for the next 6 weeks?

Wouldn’t you like to be held accountable to keep moving forward instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis?

Wouldn’t you like to be in a supportive, high vibe, action taking community of women just like you who are ready to make BIG shit happen NOW?

If you said YES to any of these questions then Let’s make it happen and LETS DO THE DAMN THING NOW!

The Bombshell Biz Babe 45 Day Mentorship Program starts soon and I’m only accepting people into this program.

Will it be you?

The Program starts February 11th and the fast action bonuses go away in less than 48 hours so don’t miss out! I’M READY TO MAKE BIG SHIFTS HAPPEN IN 2020!

Want to know if this program is right for you? SCHEDULE YOUR CALL HERE NOW!!! 

I can’t wait to see you the other side!!!

P.S. Payment plans are available, Just ask!

Melissa McDonald