Melissa McDonald has been instrumental throughout the years in counseling, guiding and directing me towards the right path, whether that be personal, business or overall spiritual health. I have had the pleasure to have had her as both a friend and a professional colleague for over a decade. One of Melissa’s strongest attributes is her unbiased listening skills. Don’t ever feel as though anything that you may have on your mind is something that she wouldn’t consider as a factor in the grand scheme of things—things being your life. Although she is very empathetic, she is always keen on the facts. The facts being your overall situation in life is connected to everything. She believes that in order to achieve wholeness that one must tackle all aspects of their life so that they are in sync. Melissa will set a course for you that will be fulfilling at all levels be it health and fitness, beauty, spirituality, employment, family etc. I can say without a doubt,  I would not be where I am today without all of her information and support. She is worth every penny!  ~Jeremy Alicia| bilingual translator and world traveler
  “I am over the top of the moon fired up because I just had a coaching session with Melissa McDonald. Lets just say, AMAZING!! The session was phenomenal. I have crystal clear focus, an action plan that is aligned to my business and soul, but most important an extra nudge in confidence that up-leveling my business is not just a dream it is a reality. I just launched the beta to Simple Spirituality Academy without planning and this clarity session is exactly what I needed to kick start my year off with inspired action.” “Thank you Melissa, ‪‎spiritjunkie and soul sister. If this is a glimpse of how miraculous 2016 is going to be, SIGN ME UP. I am ready!! I highly encourage you to reach out and grab your discovery session with Melissa, I promise it will rock your socks.” ~Maureen Saladino | Intuitive Energy Coach and Spiritual Strategist maureensaladino.com



“The coaching session with Melissa was completely awesome! She was easy to talk to and really knows her stuff. I had practical take aways to implement immediately and have already began to see some fruit from it. I look forward to working with her on my business goals.” ~Robyn Robbins | public speaker | 5 time bestselling author | Founder of heartofadiva.com


“It can be most challenging to grow as an individual or business without clarity and accountability. Transformation and change require commitment. Having the right person to support and guide you through the process is essential! Her training and experience in coaching, coupled with her intuitive gift and passion, makes Melissa perfect coach for personal development and business success. ” ~Denise Taylor | Public Speaker & Author
 “The coaching session I had today with Melissa was very inspiring. She was very down to Earth and provided a safe, non judgmental space where I could explore my thoughts and ideas as she listened. One thing that I appreciated was the fact that she wasn’t giving me advice. Instead, she asked the right questions that allowed me to come up with my own solutions and ideas that left me feeling excited about moving forward with my next steps. I felt like I had known her for a long time and that she was a girlfriend that I was sharing creative projects and dreams with.” ~Chris Megia | Premier LA Hairstylist and Coach


“Melissa was warm and insightful on our call.  She was full of enthusiasm and got me pumped up to take action on areas of my life that need nurturing.  I love her non-judgmental approach and thought provoking questions.  It was definitely time well spent.” ~Joane C



 “During our conversation I gained clarity on the direction I really wanted to take with my business. Melissa’s questions guided me to the answers I was seeking for myself.” ~Sonia Bannon
 “It was So nice to meet and be in conversation with you today during our session.  You were very easy to be with as you genuinely cared about me. Thank you for allowing me to share myself and for your generous observations.Your insight has re-sparked an excitement to take action in a direct course of pursuing my desire in business in helping mom’s who seek better health for themselves and for their children if they have been sick or they have been seeking solutions, yet have not come across the solution that works, I
can be that avenue that guides and coaches them to the solutions that fits them best.  Thank you again, for being a light to help me see down this direct path”
~Stephanie Bell /RHN Holistic Nutritionist



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